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Do you accept guest posts?

We are currently accepting guest posts, however we must emphasize that we do not accept low quality, spammy, spun, poorly written guest posts. Sorry to sound rude, we you would not believe how many of these we get! Our aim is to educate our users about internet security in a way that is easy to understand and easy to digest. Most of our users are not technical so this isn't the best place to write about a new apache zero day but it is a good place to write about "top 10 ways to secure your email account". We current have an approved status on as a trusted website for guest posting, so you can guest post with us knowing we are not a PBN or shady website.

Do you have any criteria?

The criteria for guest posting with us is pretty simple. Just don't do anything spammy. So that includes but its not limited to.....
  • Thin content that doesn't carry any value to our readers
  • Blasting loads of links to your guest post to pass more page rank / link juice through to your own website. This includes PBNs, web 2.0s, expired web 2.0s and anything made with software like GSA
  • Must be on topic and remember that means helping users stay safe online and avoid being ripped off
  • Easy to read - avoid technical terms and pretend you are writing it for your mum!
  • Humor is always welcome be please keep it clean, we don't want Google seeing all our guest posts and riddled with swear words
  • We don't have a set word count you must meet as we understand some topics can be covered very quickly while others can take time. However we must feel you've tried to give a valued in-depth post.

Excellent whats next?

If the above guest posting critera sounds reasonable to you then we'd love to have you send us a post. The best way to do it is through our content form. If you would like to request some ideas we would be happy to send ytou over some topics we're yet to fully discuss ourselves yet. Good examples of these would be.
  • How your computer gets infected on websites
  • How to pick a good anti-virus
  • How to know if you can trust a website
  • What is an SSL certificate
  • What is the most secure way to pay online
  • What to do if money is stolen by a fake website
Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon about guest posting on our website! :-)