Zandelle helps to keep you safe online.

Here at Zandelle we crawl thousands of website's using our advanced machine learning technology to determine if they are safe for both businesses and consumers to make purchases through.

Here is just a few of the checks we perform to help keep you safe online.

Scam keywords

We scan each website for keywords associated with scams such as "free money", "easy cash" and hundreds more.

Physical presence

We check if each website claims to have a physical presence.

Hiding identify

We check if each website is hiding their true identity behind offshore hosting or a CDN

Searches from users

See what other users are searching for thats related to each website

Owner check

See the WHOIS information for each website to determine who the owner is

Content quality

Check the grammatical quality of each website to determine if it might be a scam website

Existing complaints

We search for existing complaints related to the business in question

Domain + SSL check

We check each website to determine how secure your connection to it will be and if they are a validated company with a EV SSL certificate