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Can I guest post for you?

As of 27/08/2018 here at we are looking for guest posters to bulk out our website. If you would like to write about golfing in any capacity then we are always willing to review your conent to see if it is up to your publishing standards. We enjoy an approved listing at so you can rest assured we only accept quality guest posts.

What is the criteria to post for you?

  • The content must be original, and yes we will check to see if you've nicked it from another website and then maybe changed it slightly so we don't notice!
  • The content must match our audience and thats golfing, we will consider sports opinions and humor.
  • All content must be of a minimum of 1,500 words so you conver a topic in-depth
  • Please do not try to slip in any affiliate links in the guest post
  • Do not "pump link" at the conent to try and inflate your SEO rankings because it will damage our websites rankings

Can I get that sweet do follow link please?

We belive its fair that if you deliver great content you should be rewarded for it. So if you guest post meets our standards we will allow 1-2 do follow backlinks from our website to yours. Please note: we do keep an eye on the websites your guest post links to so please don't do anything shady or we won't hesitate to remove your links. However if you are not doing anything shady with these links are you are lining to your own high quality blog or website then you have nothing to fear and can enjoy a good strong safe backlink.

How do I send you my guest post?

If you like the sound of the above then please fire us a request over to [email protected] and we'll do our best to respond to your ASAP with our decision. We look forward to hearingh from you and remember, we love guest posts if the quality is there.
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