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Golfnow business. “The analytics show me that 45,000 people have seen it,” Bova reports. The 2019 golf season jumped into gear quickly for Bergen Point Golf Course on Long Island, NY, thanks to added exposure from the GOLF Business Solutions’ Platform. The more detailed version of this KPI is one that Conaway expects to look at as the season winds down and time allows. “From those views, in one single week, I took in four new clients for lessons here at my facility—Anchor Golf Center in Whippany, NJ—plus eight new online clients. Com domain name was initially used by Chris Ryan and Dr. The final piece of the puzzle is sketching out marketing messages to be inserted into the purchase-consideration process at appropriate points. The golf season this year started strong at Bergen Point Golf Course. Use GOLF Advisor to take advantage of the power of ratings and reviews to help grow your business. GOLFNOW is more than a third-party vendor. From facility operations to consulting, support, group purchasing and marketing, GOLF Business Solutions offers a variety of services and technologies to help our partners reach their full potential. 19 Need online help? Need live help? Questions about performance?. The technology you need to efficiently run every aspect of your operation Professional service and powerful tools to help manage your facility Helping your business stay fully stocked while lowering overhead Strategies and tools to promote your business Our tools and services are developed to help golf instructors grow as teachers, bring in new students and take their businesses to the next level. Just as there is Plus to help with marketing and the selling of tee times, the new Instructor Plus platform also provides marketing, communications and general business support to golf academies and instruction departments at public and private golf facilities nationwide. The next step is to study how far toward final commitment the various non-enrollees went. “My hours engaged in the business of the academy are basically like seats on a plane,” says Conaway. That’s the way we’d want to be treated, and it’s our promise to you. Your core business, selling tee times and filling up the sheet, generates numerous metrics that are useful to know. They’re also taking all the right steps to attract a younger golfer audience. “What I post is an Instagram video that shows my teaching process with a golfer,” Bova explains. To learn more on how GOLF Business Solutions can attract more golfers to your course, CLICK HERE. Golfnow business.

Golfnow business. He would then categorize those checkpoints and see which one or two showed the biggest “defection”. Broad selection includes more than 500 products from SynaTek’s comprehensive catalog. As the teaching operation digs into its own “internal” performance data, decision-makers at their host facility should, according to Anderson, measure all the ways that taking lessons and showing up to practice is funneling instruction customers into other revenue streams on the property. Other production values include professional course imagery, a scrolling information ticker, and club-specific branding in each video. With the email campaigns and other things we’ve been doing, it’s really helping to fill up my lesson book. Registered GOLFNOW users. We know that facilities with a quality instruction program see increased play and spending from more-engaged golfers. Golf course photography and videography highlighting the incredible beauty and challenges that await golfers. The Oaks has ceased to do business with GolfNow. Digging a little deeper would mean looking for stages along the way where a potential customer bails out. Same with many different numbers relating to revenue, profit and details like golfer acquisition cost. “That’s just counting the revenue from initial visits,” which obviously he’ll be able to build on as satisfied customers come back for more. And your program may qualify for additional 1-2% rebates back to your business. ” Viewership has been dramatically high. Spread the word about your inventory conditions to golfers far and wide. We will have a 7000-round increase by the end of the year, and I look for that trend to continue. “I’m measuring revenue versus capacity, and I want to be at capacity. Earlier this season, Brewer worked with De La Paz on a video promoting a used-ball drive that resulted in some 20 golfers showing up to donate buckets of shag balls that had been gathering dust in their garages. Views lead to bookings. Tom Giannulli, in Houston, Texas 1999, with the intent to build the first online golf reservation system. Golfnow business.

Golfnow business. As a result, Miller is generous in telling his GOLF Business Solutions representative, Lindsey Wellenstein, that the course’s recent success “is a tribute to how good your product is. “In the month of May, we had 440 players come in through the GOLFNOW portal, at $65 per round. , run by the highly respected teacher Tim Conaway. For example, Anderson cites a New Jersey teaching professional, Corey Krusa, who tracked an eight-week training program that he started three winters ago. “They all take carts, whenever they play. “Dedicated golf instructors all want the golf facility where they work to track lesson-takers and see the extent to which they become new names on the tee sheet, new customers in the golf shop, buyers of range balls and significant spenders on food-and-beverage,” says Anderson. They want to engage with their favorite activity in their ideal environment. Teaming up with his Plus Specialist from GOLF Business Solutions, Melissa De La Paz, Brewer has been planning, producing and posting weekly videos, then tracking the results and continually refining strategy. Professional service handles your incoming calls 24/7/365 so your staff can focus on golfers and customers at the shop. 5 million in revenue from partner courses. To apply these, Krusa would take his winter-program customers and compare that final roster of 62 against the number of golfers who took any measurable steps toward enrolling. Golfers are wired to enjoy their experiences at your course or club by personally connecting with the people who provide them with service and a great product. , General Manager of Split Rock Golf Club, has been doing for years. ”And just as you find with Plus guidance and support, a KPI-based analysis will underlie the work that’s done on behalf of your teaching and training niche by Instructor Plus. GolfNow hired a former EZLinks employee. Over time, this exercise would reveal the number of people who had to enter the funnel in order for the tally of actual signups to hit 50, 60 or some other total. Easy site integration and the ability to display tee time inventory for all your properties add a powerful sales tool to your business. Another KPI the experts might utilize is the Sales Pipeline, often studied in tandem with Sales Funnel Drop-Off. Miller made a key personnel move when he hired Tim Baker as course superintendent. G1 is our most advanced golf course management platform, combining all your golf operations software and systems into one clean, lean, revenue-driving machine. Golfnow business.

Golfnow business. It also acquired FORE! Reservations, an American counterpart with more than 2,000 golf courses. Each individual subcategory of your operation has its own KPIs. The most-used tee sheet platforms, featuring integrated online booking, a comprehensive customer relationship management CRM system with automated email marketing, food and beverage functionality, membership functions and a versatile golf point-of-sale engine. Partner Care is our commitment that whenever you face a challenge with any of our products or services, we’ll resolve it as quickly as possible, 24/7/365. If they’re here early for their time we’ll get them loaded on their cart and let them start using it right away. ” The overview version of this KPI exercise is to check the lesson book for hours when Conaway is ready and willing to teach but has no student slotted in. And SynaTek’s distribution coverage is expansive and dependable, making it easy to get what you need, when you need it. Our marketing solutions give you the ability to stay in contact with your golfers and keep them coming back time and again. My Brand Specialist and I talk regularly to lay out my marketing calendar. Get the most out of our marketplace and technology solutions with the resources to maximize your returns. It acquired BRS Golf, a British tee-sheet service with 750 courses last summer. Cypress Golf Solutions, which was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona by Brett Darrow and Frank Halpin in 2001, purchased the GolfNow. Golfer reviews of 14,750 courses worldwide. ”His sense is that they also are not particularly price-sensitive. In the relatively short time Miller has worked with Wellenstein, the two have built a strong rapport and check in with each other regularly. “Aligned with the support you get from your Plus brand specialist at GOLFNOW, there will be an Instructor Plus brand specialist assigned to your facility, managing all lesson-related marketing efforts—including customized emails, website updates and social media posts. Business KPIs are somewhat new to instruction, but the pioneers in this effort have discovered their value. The natural ease and charm of Bailey Mosier, a GOLF Channel studio host, supply those qualities. We call these KPIs, or key performance indicators. “Viewers see the student’s swing before, they see some work I do with that student, including drills, and then they see the much-improved swing afterward. Golfnow business.

Golfnow business. In year one, the program attracted 48 students at $329 each—those numbers provided Krusa a benchmark. For the peak season that’s currently winding down, unsold hours in his book have been infrequent, generating an impressively high utilization rate. Take advantage of exclusive savings, combined with quality and inventory management. Days-in-advance per booking also sheds light on how your business runs. It seems simple, but if a course operator wants to sell tee times to golfers, he should try and build friendships with golfers in his area. Our platform goes beyond connecting your tee times to millions of golfers through GOLFNOW. ” So, it’s a clear case of the right product, at the right time, being marketed effectively. ”The course has expanded its audience not just in quantity, but also demographically. Set the rules and let our autopricing tool monitor your tee sheet, adjusting rates to match demand. For golf course operators who also offer instruction, monitoring your KPIs not only can help you develop strategies to sell more tee times, but boost your instruction business as well. What began as a way to bring our parent company’s buying power to your food and beverage purchases has expanded into new categories, including golf course equipment, golf course agronomy and landscaping, technology, food and beverage and many more. Dedicated Inventory and Brand Specialists, both working in concert to deliver the best support for your golf course. For shop merchandising, it’s cost of goods sold and inventory turns per year, among others. Even the beverage cart could have statistics, such as revenue per hour or revenue per transaction, which influence strategy and tactics. Miller and his staff make sure to treat their long-time regulars with appreciation, but they’ve tried to go the extra mile for new players in the Millennial bracket that make their way to Bergen Point via GOLFNOW bookings. Revenue per available tee time, or RevPATT, tells an important story. Miller and his staff are known for providing service approaching the private-club level, their challenge was simply getting a larger audience to sample the Bergen Point experience. Conditioning at Bergen Point has steadily improved to a point where, this season, “the greens are perfect,” says Miller. To discover more about Clubhouse Bulletin and what it can do for your course, CLICK HERE. We add value to our partners’ business by providing marketplace and technology solutions, professional services and dependable partner support, 24/7/365. Golfnow business.

Golfnow business. Nick Bova, who teaches out of Whippany, NJ. The point of it is making a genuine connection, not an action-driven message that a typical marketer would use. In 2012, EZLinks filed a lawsuit over software theft via the former employee. The Premium Marketing Program PMP combines cutting-edge golf course marketing strategies and tools with multiple messaging outlets to promote your course. More recently, it acquired Crescent Systems, which had 300 to 400 clients. From the first tee to the 19th hole and all points in between, make your golf course shine with eye-catching imagery. Lately, Conaway has focused on what KPI gurus call Billable Utilization, generally calculated as Billable Hours divided by 2,000—which is the round number used to state how many hours a year the typical accountant, lawyer or other professional works. Originally established in 2001 by Cypress Golf Solutions in Scottsdale, Arizona, it was acquired by Comcast via its Golf Channel unit in March 2008. Last winter there were 55 students at that same price, and this winter there were 62—again at $329 each. Like Conaway, Bova has recently kicked up his per-hour rate, with only positive results. Elevate your course brand and online presence with a professional, modern website. Exposure with the GOLF Business Solutions Platform filled that need. ” There are solid numbers to back that statement up. Short videos inviting viewers to come and enjoy themselves will make a strong impression—and produce business results. The Hot Deals, they claim, are chased by players only wanting to pay the least no matter what, and none of that money ever gets to the golf course. So, the KPI of revenue growth within this one service is trending strongly. ” KPI data that measures return on marketing investments would go off the charts in this case. Funding issues and sluggish adoption of their reservation platform in the era of dial up modems, forced the company to pivot to a more content driven transaction model. This KPI is an indicator of how well you are utilizing assets, including staff coaches, and it can shed light on the effectiveness of your various programs. Manage online reviews, keep tabs on the competition and track what golfers are saying about your course. Golfnow business.

Golfnow business. Anderson also points to an instruction operation he works with in Sarasota, Fla. , shared with Anderson the impressive KPI emerging from his recent Instagram marketing efforts—specifically, it was revenue per dollar spent on the program. He saves me quite a bit of time so I can do what I actually want to do, which is teach and interact with people. Golfers who commit to the game that extra amount—by investing in their game improvement—have been shown to spend more money and time at the facility than those with no connection to instruction activities. GolfNow is an online booking service for tee times at golf courses. “I spent $150 in marketing dollars and earned $2,000 in new income,” says Bova. , General Manager of Split Rock Golf Club in Orient, Ohio, has been doing for years. When GOLF Business Solutions branched out earlier this year beyond the core function of a golf operation, it first turned its sights on instruction. ” To learn more about our Instructor Plus program, CLICK HERE. Golfnow business.

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