Golf adventure leeds

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Golf adventure leeds. 30pm on a Saturday night and paid £10 which imcluded 18 holes of golf and any drink from the menu. Jungle Rumble Leeds is situated at The Cube Great George St. 50 for students and concessions! Larger parties might want to consider renting one or both courses for an evening. More While 36 holes for about a tenner is good value, the courses really would benefit from more functional obstacles. The upstairs bar was unmanned with a lot of empty glasses on the bar. More The golf was fun but the place was pretty shabby. Our Cocktail Bar will keep you refreshed after a hard game and will keep you entertained too. Most of the holes are quite basic with a lack of creativity and minimal obstacles. Staff good and friendly This was a good place to come to considering the price is reasonable we paid £11 each for 36 holes. We have a bar and café where we can provide drinks and bar snacks suit all budgets. More Great price for 18 holes of challenging golf the bar staff was amazing great experience will definitely recommend again great for friends family colleagues all alike We visited here following buying a half price family ticket. It was explained that there was a 45 minute wait, but it. All ages and both sexes will have a fantastic time. Holes are a bit similar but all enjoyed ourselves. There is something for everyone at Jungle Rumble. We have two amazing 18 holes courses. The course is ok with part of it been UV which my young boys really liked. Courses present and challenge and all of them are different, spent a while in there and really had a great time. Myself and my friend visited here as we had an afternoon free before a gig at the nearby arena. Not a bad price as get a free drink. Golf adventure leeds.

Golf adventure leeds. More Fun for a team offsite in a large group and something a bit different for the early part of a night out on the town. If you want a drink they are all very well priced. Having said that, we decided to leave it halfway through. More We came here with visitors as an after dinner activity. Groups can play for as little as £8 per head – £7. There were quite a lot of bottles left throughout the course as well, which should’ve been cleared up. 6 of us attended Saturday night spent an hour before a meal and had a good laugh. The down fall is that there’s two courses that cross each other and can become confusing. More This is a really great well lit venue for mini golf. Jungle Rumble is a great place to entertain clients and colleagues. We had initially planned to go the Junkyard Golf course, but after reading reviews on here, we decided to come to Jungle Rumble instead. Enjoy the magic of Jungle Rumble complete with a fully stocked bar with all of your favourites over 18’s only. I hit my ball into a tunnel at one point but it got lodged in there because of screws holding it down. 0018 Holes of adventure Golf Plus…. There’s something for everyone at Jungle Rumble. We can accommodate, entertain and cater for groups of 4 to 200. Golf adventure leeds.

golf adventure leeds

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