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Cheap golf monitor. Comparative accuracy was established using all shots registered by each launch monitor. Overall, I am very pleased with my investment. It seems the brain trust at Ernest Sports did not factor in a way of updating the unit by the end user. Thanks! Sorry about that, Mark- thank you for your fair comments. Unfortunately I believe that this review is missing critical information and does not accurately portray the true situation between these 4 units. I called the company and spoke to Jamie, who is very nice and she made a few suggestions which I tried. Grass? Nice reviews on affordable launch monitors. Contrary to what you see in all those TV commercials, power in golf isn’t restricted to club and ball technologies. I like the final table but wonder when you measure the same shot with all the monitors at the same time if you are getting off axis errors. Just what the average joe needs to make an informed purchase. After trying to contact customer support, I received another email that there was a firmware upgrade that was available free of charge. Like Tony says, putting and home simulation is coming. These numbers, as they are from a single shot, may not align with the overall averages listed above for each device. At first, I thought this unit was pretty cool. Yet nothing seems to change. I understand that when using any of these launch monitors you have to select the club you will use beforehand, for example 7 iron. Data unlocks our game’s potential, telling us everything about how we make the clubhead get to the ball, what the positions of the face are at impact, and what happens to the ball as it leaves the clubface and makes its way downrange. It actually measures the most critical data points such as ball speed, launch angle, side angle, spin or spin axis, and my outdoor testing proved they are very accurate. While a professional grade launch monitor can set you back as much as $25,000, the launch monitors we tested start at under $200. For me the distances where way off though. Cheap golf monitor.

Cheap golf monitor. Nope, not Ernest Sports. And that includes your Control Unit, which you should have identified. I purchased a Skytrak after owning an Optishot for year. I use the ES14 for the swing speed and ball speed data that helps develop tempo and solid ball striking. The ES14 helped provide me with instant feedback regarding my swing speed and contact quality since it measures the ball speed. The numbers are just a best guess. But the vagueness is insulting. Each unit registered a total of 120 shots. And I think they are working on another model just like Ernest has with the 12/14. 92% from the control, and the numbers were the most consistent of any unit in this test. THAT will be a terrific lower cost device!! Swingbyte does that. One of the toughest measurements for this price range of monitors seems to be the Azimuth. Ok I own the ES14 and never consider your $2k unit. I called back and also emailed asking for a refund and never heard back. This would be quite difficult to without being able to easily calculate your averages across good hits. Hello i want to know what is better, and what people thing about optishot 2 vs the skytrak? Honestly, not even comparable. Do people see a difference in accuracy from mats vs. This happened several more times which is par for the course for the ES14, so I powered down the unit and turned it back on. I think the important point was lost or not really provided in this review. As the technology to measure ball flight becomes more accessible and more affordable, several manufacturers have entered what we call the personal launch monitor space. Cheap golf monitor.

Cheap golf monitor. Unfortunately you have to choose between total yards or carry. The truth shall set us free so I was hoping you could give us more numbers so that we can make our own opinion. Lacks a smart phone/table interface. Its “Combine” feature puts your full game from driver through wedge through a kind of performance and accuracy stress test to show you what clubs need the most work compared to other players like you or even other players you want to be like. My interaction with them over email has been responsive and valued. I discarded the voice caddie because it was so inconsistent in tracking shots. Two, the ES 12 is around 200 not 2000 and the ES 14 is 300 ish not 2000. They only insist you have the unit set up incorrectly and are fairly combative. And if they were unwilling to offer an exchange, how about offering to have me send the unit back and they would take a look at it. Save your money and your sanity. FYI I have both and really wanted to get the GC2, but just to much for the golf nut. Again all the numbers are calculated on camera based and not as accurate as radar based. But I guess you get what you pay for. I kept getting 138 yards on any club that I hit. Also, the ES14 provides further customization for your club lengths if needed. I got one as it came out on the market last November. For shots that are on line, but low think thin shots my unit was reliably picking this up and showing drastically lower launch angles than my pure hits. SkyTrak is your most accurate option under $2,000. Shame I really wanted to like the device. Your California Privacy Rights  The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. Cheap golf monitor.

Cheap golf monitor. Unsure if I had it set properly. The chart below show the average percent difference from our control launch monitor across all shots. Even if there has been some minor glitches, the developer has been responding to them very well. Keep up the good work. I will be REALLY excited when someone figures out how to create a device like these that also measure Face Angle at Impact and Path at Impact. Does it work at night? I use a Flightscope for outdoor fitting and an Accusport for indoors. Many of the shots never even register! So I have to power the unit down, then turn it back on only to have the same issue a few minutes later. Yikes!!! Un-biased, un-waivering, un-apologetic, you deserve the truth. Yeah, we invited FlightScope to submit the unit but they turned down the opportunity. Tim focuses on Tech and Soft Goods for MyGolfspy. Mark, thanks for the catch on the total yards in chart. TrackMan 4’s multiple radar system one to track the club and one to track the ball is now enhanced with a camera to better illustrate face impacts. Results are based on a collection of driver, hybrid, 7-iron, and pitching wedge shots. I have used my ES14 with my IPad to get a range, but my eyes give me the truth or at least I exept those number I see. After powering the ES14 back on it was able to capture data for the next couple of minutes. I received the unit back within two weeks time and was anxious to give it another chance. Mark, thank you for clarifying that you have no affiliation with Ernest Sports. For the driver it always adds 21 yards to the carry. Based in Folsom, CA Tim has a penchant for adventure and mischief. Are these high-end devices a logical purchase for average golfers? No, of course not. Cheap golf monitor.

Cheap golf monitor. Shots were recorded simultaneously and the results were collected from each device for comparison with our control unit. Sure there are some errant values, but all of the units do that every now and then. Wish again there was a bit more data shown. I bought the ES14 and the Voice Cddie to use in giving lessons. But after using it for about 30 minutes, I realized just how frustrating this unit can be. This has been my thought. Earlier in the comments you said that u asked flightscope about testing the xi. Skytrak is as close as your going to get to the GC2 for a good home/range launch monitor. Not sure how accurate it is. Save you money and your sanity. 270 yards on an Optishot was 230 yards on a Skytrak. Would love to see that review. This is intended to provide you with a visual from a true numbers perspective. I have about 3 swings on mine next to a Flightscope and found it to be pretty accurate but a small sample size. So I read the instructions and ended up adjusting the altitude setting and voila! Please understand that I am not disputing this article or any of the comments here. The ES14 is not worth the price Ernest Sports is asking for it. Those are pretty significant differences for the skytrak measured parameters mph, rpm, and launch angle in my opinion. Was really keen on the Voice Caddie sc100 but have one question. Can a personal launch monitor offer that? We put four of the top personal launch monitors to the test to find out which ones actually perform as advertised. All launch monitors rely on limited real data and lots of algorithms to project outcomes. Cheap golf monitor.

Cheap golf monitor. Like the total number of shots per club and the average accuracy. Club length setup is within the CAL setup area and support can guide you on how to use this for your particular needs. The unit measures side spin as well as horizontal launch angle. Well-suited for quick range sessions. The key to that lock, of course, is golf’s modern-day magic box. However, I have found that it is quite accurate in regards to the club speed, ball speed, and the calculated carry/total distances provided. You have the best unbiased golf review site I have ever seen. Just as with radar units, some camera units are better than others. Each of the units we tested had moments of glory where the numbers it registered were dead-on accurate in comparison to our control unit, but each suffered from the occasional wild miss as well. Was it a camera based unit or a radar based one. 5* increments are not available, only whole degrees. Optishot IMO more like a toy and is fun, but not in the same ballpark. I was excited about all of the data that I read would come along with the ES14 but with a family, a full time job, and a $500 price tag, that purchase never happened. Nice seeing the the accuracy being validated to a point. Bummer you found VC so inconsistent because size and price are perfect for that the purposeI want. I do wish it connected to the PC to download data to keep history etc. Could be wrong, but its supposed to be camera based, so that makes sense. That happened quite a few times with the ES 12 while i was learning the sweet spot and how far to setup the net. I am a golfer just like everyone else. Great job! I purchased an Ernest Sports ES14 when they first became available after the PGA show last year. Cheap golf monitor.

Cheap golf monitor. If they found nothing wrong with my unit then they would be on the hook for the $7 shipping charge back to me or even worse, replace my unit. I trust yawl but now I wonder. No, in golf today, knowledge is power—and for that matter, accuracy, too. You will only experience utter frustration and total disappointment. People, please take my word on this. Golf Digest  may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. I own an ES12 and have never had any problems with it or Ernest Sports! I know that my 6-iron is a club I can hit 190 yards, and the ES12 has been spot on with merely a 2 yard difference! In the beginning I was like any first time user. It’s not even contained exclusively in the gym. One would think that if the company was worth their salt, they would at the very least given some kind of response, good or bad. That borders on excellent when you consider that the cost for some of the big boys run 10 times the price. Giving me around 20-30 yards more than I actually hit checked with laser range finder. I have my ES14 set up at factory default of 7 second intervals between the two sets of screen data that appear. The Skytrak developer has been communicating with consumers like me at one of the online forums so that I know they keep improving features for the Ipad app. The unit price is in the $2500 range. But poor contact penalizes club speed. I too brought my unit at the show and was updated thru Ernest Sports. If it was camera based I would not even trust it. A couple of things I think can be added. Still the same issues. The GCQuad’s four ultra-high-speed cameras process 20 times the amount of data the original GC2 did and measure every conceivable swing and shot element from impact location to sidespin, all in a unit the height of a decent pyramid of range balls and easily carried in a backpack. Cheap golf monitor.

Cheap golf monitor. Boy, was I wrong! What a total disappointment. Swing speed must be close because I was hitting my 7 iron about 140 yds with 75 mph swing speed on the swingbyte. Can you set the loft or is predefined and unchangeable? My TM Rocketbladez 7 iron has a 30. I think Tate was having a little fun with your rah-rah attitude. I hit another ball, look down at the ES14 only to see that the same data is being displayed. I think this review requires a second look and some additional data gathering. Scenarios like this happen all to often. The unit is cheaply made, the data is inconsistent at best and the customer service/support is awful. Also, total yards is a near completely manufactured number. Since you are familiar with the ES14, let me share with you and all the readers of mygolfspy my backyard range session with it. Thanks for that input. Hitting the ball squarely, I think its pretty good. I began like I always do by setting up the ES14 and selecting a pitching wedge. Thanks a lot for your feedback Tim. Some new devices to add to the list? ES16 and FlightScope Mevo? I bought a SC200 because the older SC100 was recommended in this article. What I prefer to all the above is the ZEPP Golf device and App. Like an instant MRI of every shot, the launch monitor spits out the vital numbers of launch angle, backspin and ball speed, along with dozens of other parameters ranging from hang time and smash factor all the way to carry and total distance. Due to the inaccuracy of the Optishot it totally killed my swing path and distance control. The reported online capabilities will likely add to the value and fun of this unit. As noted above, this includes shots measured from a driver, hybrid, 7-iron and pitching wedge. Cheap golf monitor.

Cheap golf monitor. Having that data helped me improve the lag in my swing and gain club speed through impact. So I downloaded the app only to find out that the bluetooth connection was sketchy at best. Some users will find it easy-enough to discount these shots and be otherwise happy. So please tell me that you used a radar style as your control. You should ensure that you truly understand how the units gather their data by speaking with the manufacturers. My most messed up era in golf was working at Golfech on a launch monitor/harness/video. Calculated, but did you miss in the rough, is the fairway rock hard, or are we talking post rain. That sounds great, but a launch monitor is only useful if it really is accurate, and at an absolute minimum, consistent. If you use the ES14 with the iPad app, you can set the carry distance to show on the ES14 and the total distance is displayed on the iPad app. The chart below shows sample data from a single shot simultaneously captured by all four devices. I have no problem with those numbers. It never recorded my shot. That’s whether we have our sights set on tour trophies, those loving cups they hand out at the member-guest or even just writing down one number less on next Saturday’s scorecard. , I could almost buy in. Eddieboy- I am with you. I usually head to the driving range after work at night. They seemed to be okay for my 7 iron but for half wedge shots they were completely off. What was the control unit. Upcoming simulator capabilities will make it a no-brainer for those looking for an inexpensive, yet realistic indoor setup. Transparency would be appreciated. Cheap golf monitor.

Cheap golf monitor. These two head the class in the sophistication of their measurement technologies, but also in how they use their data to educate and inspire us. However, I beg to differ. The Optishot is a fun video game, but I think it does more to harm your swing than help. Not surprisingly, straighter shots produce more reliable numbers. I thought that might just be what the doctor ordered, even though it required me to send the unit back to Ernest Sports. All rights reserved CNMN Collection. I am one of early adopters for Skytrak. It gives a kind of confirmation to the feedback you get when you know your swing is off as opposed to when you really flush a hit at top swing speed. Ownership of launch monitors accurate ones has traditionally been limited to golf teaching professionals, club fitters, and the rich and potentially famous. Love the conversation here. I wish they would look deeper into what factors may impact reliability for shot pick-up. I too agree with any launch monitor when you do smash the living crap of one and it blinks or winks at you, first instinct is to send it down range. More impressive, the system’s software packages can include as slick a golf-course simulator as you’ll find, and enough practice games and training exercises to get you ready for the big time or make you forget about the arcade. The SC100, lacking integration with any phone/tablet, means that you can never collect any of the data recorded for later review. I was able to practice all kinds of shots low, high chip/pitch shots, draw, face, etc. Actually, I am grateful that I did not go down that route of a GC2 as I am not sure I would get the value out of it due to how much I use the ST. Our Editors’ Choice launch monitors this year again are the Foresight Sports GCQuad camera-based and TrackMan 4 radar-based. Based on your comments, it sounds as though you are out for the pure enjoyment of the game, which I think is something we all share. Thanks for going through the process of doing it and writing it up. I took my first swing and bam, there was all the data. Cheap golf monitor.

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