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Cheap golf clubs vs expensive. The way I see it when I purchase a new piece of sports equipment, I always think of it from a task driven perspective? So, when I started, for me it was to learn how to swing a golf club and for at the time a cheap set of clubs did the job. Also, never judge a golfer by his clubs. Forged clubs are more expensive than cast. As with many expensive products, you may be paying substantially more money simply for a recognizable brand name. Expensive clubs tend to have state of the art technologies way beyond our understanding and can make a big difference to your game. Since the thread is being bought back I have watched several golf vlogs using old clubs vs new vs cheaper clubs as well as a comparison between a 915d to a dunlop. Having taken a few swings with my old set of clubs, when I strike the ball out of the middle, it actually felt pretty good. You will be banned without warning for any homophobic or racist dialogue, inciting violence, or witch hunting behavior. All golfers are different and all of them have different types. Titanium is not magnetic, while a lot of the metals in knock-off heads are. I decided to do some research on this and here is what I learnt. He is a certified strength-and-conditioning specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. If you are having problems with hitting the ball too low, your guide may be able to measure your dynamic loft and potentially moving it up help you achieve your goals. When purchasing a cheaper driver, you will usually be forced to use whatever the store has in stock. A number of years back I bought something like a $150 boxed set of Pin-Hi because I was working overseas for a year. As long as they are still in great condition, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are 90% as good as the new stuff. There is absolutely a big difference between cheap golf clubs and expensive golf clubs. 159 av distance with a 7 iron, I would take that. I have spent a fair bit on clubs in the last few years while my friend has stuck with his aging Maxfli irons. Different designs for different objectives. Cheap golf clubs vs expensive.

Cheap golf clubs vs expensive. But they may not differ as much as some companies will have you believe. ·         A good way is to check how much they would retail brand new, I like to find ones that are $1000+ brand new. That being said, there are companies like Wilson who dont drop billions a year in advertising and some of their products are just as good if not better than the competition. , sry, just noticed Im way late to this party. ·         Check the head of the club is in good condition. The benefit of more expensive clubs is better quality control, better shafts, better feel, etc. In drivers and fairway woods, a counterfeit RBZ or X. Expensive drivers use state-of-the art metals and composites to maximize distance while keeping the club light in weight and conforming to U. Of course the more expensive the club, generally speaking, the better the materials and more tech. I have heard that more expensive clubs have a smaller sweet spot so you need to be able to strike the golf ball well to get the maximum out of it. You will also notice in the hitting. You should be able to find a decent set of used irons, around 5 years old, for $200. With the more expensive set of clubs, there was a massive difference in the numbers for these. There are a few forged game improvement clubs out there, but for the most part forged clubs are targeted at better players. But, being an average golfer, there will be numerous times when you don’t strike the ball so well. Buying used allows you to save significant money for clubs that, ultimately, are going to get beat to hell as you learn the game. When you purchase a new set of expensive clubs, they are normally bespoke fit to your own correct specification. I traded in my Titleist irons 5 years ago. I always find fantastic golf sets only two or three years old and they are available for pretty cheap prices too. Unless you are a professional or a really serious amateur golfer, I promise you that you wouldn’t be able to tell too much difference between the brand-new clubs and the clubs that are up to four years old. Cheap golf clubs vs expensive.

Cheap golf clubs vs expensive. Then, as I became more consistent, I wanted a little more forgiveness so I invested a little bit more. It started when i fell in love with a set of fairly inexpensive Wilson irons from dicks sporting goods. More expensive drivers come with a multitude of custom-fitting options. Having a look at the numbers of my shots, the biggest difference for me between the two sets of clubs were the spin rates. The pull shots that were heading well left of the target with my cheap irons were no longer so far away from the target. So, the real question you need to ask yourself is… will it make me better at golf? If the answer is a yes then it’s probably worth it. Golf Association standards. Buying a second/third etc. One guy is a PGA Hall of Fame teacher too. This is obviously the biggest difference between the two sets of clubs, you are almost talking about $1000 difference. Companies spend large sums on marketing efforts and professional contracts so that the average consumer gains trust in their equipment. Find a club that fits your game! So you might now be wondering what the biggest benefit to investing in an expensive set of golf clubs is? There is by far one reason which every golfer would agree on. The ideal situation would be that of where you are able to find a second-hand set with your ideal spec but obviously this is usually very unlikely. Cheaper drivers are generally produced in large factories overseas. The best set of used clubs you can buy are in my opinion between two and four years old. When you go in for your custom fit, if you are not having your strike measured then you are not being measured to great detail. When you are just starting out playing golf, it is easy to purchase a complete set for under $150. Such a club may not be suited to your unique swing style and height. However, as you get better and better, I found that I needed to improve my irons and was required to invest some more money into these new clubs. So if elite senior and juniors are breaking par with $400 buck irons new, no reason to keep giving Titleist so much h dough for Irons. Cheap golf clubs vs expensive.

Cheap golf clubs vs expensive. Still interesting, and it makes a good point, but the comparison just looks too extreme to be truly useful. ·         It’s just got to feel right. Hi All, I’m looking into improving my set of golf clubs which were passed down from me and think have had their time. Since joining the golf ball category, Callaway Golf has establi. Bad comparison Very interesting feedback. Wedges, woods/metals, and putter- same as driver for the most part. That way, you can find out how your clubs will perform like it would out on the course. The ultimate clubs I would like are titleist or mizuno, but they are expensive even for used clubs. You won’t gain anything from know how far you can hit the ball at maximum speed as you probably won’t swing your club at maximum speed all the time. There was a time in the recent past that most golfers would walk into. For mine, they went from 4300 rpms all the way up to 8000 rpms on some of my shots. Leading golf companies also dedicate substantial effort to researching the most aerodynamic clubhead designs and determining the best shaft, club and clubface materials. What All The Pros Use Genuine Sports and Health Reviews For Your Convienence. This greater control I was getting with these also helped me control my shot shaping. Just meet them at a driving range and say you want to swing 10 balls first dont be rude and hit a ton. But it’s when I didn’t quite catch the ball so well, I wasn’t punished anywhere near as much as the cheap clubs. Idk about any real in depth testing but I did my own experimenting and its been an eye opener. You will almost always be better piecing together a set based on your needs than buying a pre-packaged full set. As such they tend to have a smaller over all head, little to no offset, a thinner sole. If the face is completely worn down and there’s no grooves left on them, then the ball will not react the way you want it to when striking it. Cheap golf clubs vs expensive.

Cheap golf clubs vs expensive. There have even been instances where the shaft alone would have cost me $150. As a rule, expensive drivers are of a higher quality than cheaper drivers and will likely improve your game. ·         Club face quality is key. Stick with the major brands something like Ping G5, or older Calloway etc I had a look at some clubs on eBay and there’s a couple of really good options. At this point in time, enjoy the game. Found a wilson driver i liked the look and feel of so I bought that too. Dunlop 10 yards + / - shorter so in that comparison about $460 got you 10 yards. After shooting 3 pars in the first 4 holes, I got to talking to the guy, he was an experienced golfer that was traveling on business for several weeks and when he discovered what the local courses wanted for rentals he want to the 2nd hand store and picked up that bag. ·         Double check the shaft of the club as I have found many times, the shaft is much better than the one I would have bought originally. To be honest, they all hit about the same now. In contrast, the spin rates were far more consistent and equal with the more expensive set of clubs, around the 6000rpm mark for me. My two favorite clubs sets are the Clevelands and the pings. You don’t want to try fit your game to the club. However, what I will say though from doing my research is that, if you look back at technologies from two or three years ago, they haven’t moved on a massive deal as these companies may market. I appreciate any help. They are much easier to hit, but they look kind of big. Its just as long as tm and or callaways I tested. It does 75% of what a quality car is capable of while allowing you to get the feel for what you truly need/want in a car at a price point that is doable until you inevitably total it/get to a point where you can knowledgeably trade up. Hey what kind of place is this with the monitor for your shots?? I need to find one near me. No, a good golf swing will result in a good golf shot, regardless of the club in your hand. Cheap golf clubs vs expensive.

Cheap golf clubs vs expensive. Expect a lot of pushes and slices because the heavier junk metal slows down your clubhead speed. Then, finally I wanted so more control off my club face so I invested in an expensive set of clubs and since then I have never looked back. I have had my eyes on the MP53s. ·         To get a good fit, consider how you are striking the ball. When purchasing a more expensive driver, you will also typically have the option of testing multiple lofts, lie angles, lengths and shaft specifications. Agree with the above, skill level of the one handling the wand trumps all else most of the time, at least up to  a reasonable level of expectations. The spin rates for the cheap set of clubs had massive variations in rpm from one shot to another so I felt like I was lacking a bit of control in this department. $400 bucks RBZ Reason, a few top senior SFL golfers I know were hitting them and a top ranked Junior. Also if the shafts were equal that difference would probably have been less IMO. However, if you play three or four times a week, competing in tournaments and looking to play to the best of your abilities, then an expensive set is definitely a good investment. But… that is the key thing! My carry distance was very up and down as the times when I wasn’t catching the ball clean, my carry distance was down by almost 20 yards. Just my personal experience but hope it helps. The clubs you bought will be fine to learn with. Below I have included some tips to help you when purchasing a cheap set of used clubs. Thanks I bought a used iron set on ebay for $250, and a used driver for $80. Instead game different scenarios that you would find yourself in so for example a medium shot and a soft shot. Ely Callaway, founder of Calloway Golf, chose the name Big Bert. Very fluid and effortless. The more expensive clubs outpointed the cheap sets in every department for me but now the real question is whether it makes that much of a difference to your game? The answer to that question comes completely down to you! I know it’s a little cliché but if you are only playing golf once a month with a group of friends then I wouldn’t say a $1000 golf set is not a smart decision. When producing equipment in mass quantities, minor errors can occur in the assembly of the club. Cheap golf clubs vs expensive.

Cheap golf clubs vs expensive. I am able to hit nicer, more tucked in draw and fades with these. The old clubs are cavities. I spotted that a brand new set of golf clubs can go up to $2000 which is out of my budget. ·         Make sure to get a named brand because they will make the quality stuff. For example, some companies send certification that each driver has been handmade and quality-checked by a master club-maker. UKCustomgolf  have a comparison between OEM gear and the clones they sell for a fraction of the price, they tend to belive the average golfer wont see much difference in performance. These clubs are going to last you a long time so you will want to spend some time getting them properly fitted. If anyone can find it, please share. Some modern drivers feature weighting systems that allow you to change the face angle and weight distribution of the clubhead. It’s a fantastic learning experience and an opportunity to learn about your delivery on impact. But, golfers who use counterfeit clubs often notice a difference. But my clubs were built to my exact swing for that price. The most obvious difference between an expensive driver and a cheap one is the materials. !!! Must be about early 1980s vintage. I used to have the same Heritage irons lol. A few scrapes and scratches are absolutely fine but nothing that’s going to mess up the play of the club like any dents or gouges. I would say the the Clevelands are the easiest to hit a consistent distance with the I10 coming in a close second. While many expensive drivers are made under the same conditions, some companies still handcraft each one. No matter what you get, make sure they fit you There are different types of clubs even in higher price range. We both have our good days and bad days but I dont think my expensive clubs give me any adge. Cheap golf clubs vs expensive.

Cheap golf clubs vs expensive. With the prices of drivers continuing to climb, the average player faces a difficult decision in terms of purchasing equipment. With the more expensive clubs, the shots absolutely flew in my opinion. The old clubs would be exactly the same as the new clubs if you hit it out of the middle. Just remember that a fitting isn’t designed as an opportunity for someone to sell you some shiny new equipment. Not only was I getting more carry distance but on average, I was almost getting over 20 yards including the slight mishits that occurred. We have TONS of fantastic information about golf equipment and choosing the best gear for you. Based on your question, going to go ahead and say read up on GI irons. Nothing necessarily to do with age. There is a difference. The heritage cavityback / perimeter-weighted should be compared with a modern cavityback. Unfortunately for me its not available in higher lofts and thats where I need the help so Im about to drop 250 for one of the expensive ones. 5 degrees higher, which is basically a full club difference. In no way scientific at all, but I found that in terms of actual playing and scoring, the clubs quality point makes very little real difference. Wanted to try some thinner soled irons and this was the cheapest way to test them long term and on course, so I took the plunge. Every bit as good in some cases better as the big name OEMs but a fraction of the price. Obviously, a better strike will improve your carry distance and I have found that getting the correct custom fit has made great improvements to my striking. I also have ping i10, burner 1. This big difference obviously affected my ability to shape my shots which I found to be more difficult because I had to work the club to really get the club face back into on target to hit a fade or a draw. We are similar mid handicap players who play once a week in the better weather months. On the wedges, make sure it has decent enough grooves left. Cheap golf clubs vs expensive.

Cheap golf clubs vs expensive. Can anyone give me some pointers into whether there is much difference between a $150-200 set and maybe a $1000 set. My hybrids have the same size head as the SW on both the burner and the Zevo clubs. There is no need to spend $2000. Your best off not going with new cheap clubs, but piecing together lightly used clubs that are a couple model years old. Basically if the face and grips are ok and no rust they are in good shape. But more often than not, professional golfers use equipment because they are under contract with a particular manufacturer. Of similar loft and shaft characteristics. Blades are just a piece of steel. Designed with those having a mid-high handicap at lea. But only you can answer that one because at the end of the day, you want to buy the version that works for you the best! If you’re new to the site, check out the other sections of the site. To this day they are my favorite irons ever and they were 300 dollars cheaper than each of my previous sets. I refuse to support those who steal ip. The old club was comparable to a new Titleist MB 8 iron. Ulmer holds a Master of Science in exercise science from the University of Idaho and a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Washington State University. A Ping G10 driver currently about $40 vs a Ping G15 driver about $70 as tested by swing robot set up to hit at different points on the face. ·         This is one my coach told me which I think is very important, a club fitting is a lesson! It is a great opportunity to learn about your swing and your delivery. Or sign in with one of these services. We remove blogspam, valueless posts, duplicates, and corporate marketing. As you come to enjoy the game more, you will start to appreciate the differences in the clubs, and then you yourself will be able to start to form an opinion of which clubs are right for you. Sometimes, professional golfers use certain equipment because it is simply better. Cheap golf clubs vs expensive.

Cheap golf clubs vs expensive. Obviously, a muscleback blade is more workable than a cavityback. You want the engineering and the quality that comes with a reputable brand because they have tighter control of their quality. 0 and really cheap Zevo clubs. Buy a used set on ebay that is like 5-9 years old and still in good shape. As for Driver- not a whole lot of differences until you start getting to 15-20hcp or lower, really. However, I am quite hesitant because I’m not sure how to tell if they are “in good shape” online. So, I started wondering, what really is the biggest difference between a cheap set of irons and a top of the range expensive set of clubs. Also, having some experience under your belt will assist you in selecting a set in the future. A scratched up $50 2-5 yr old used driver is the perfect thing to start with. He even said that one of the clubs in the bag he was probably going to ship home because he holed out a shot for eagle with it a round or 2 prior. A Taylormade R1 clone for example may not have the adjustability. I’m guessing it’s to do with quality and maybe longevity but more so about things like control of the club face and forgiveness. I love your golf swing. If you are in the market for a decent set of clubs then do yourself a favor and save yourself tons of time by reading our post on 10 weird golf irons on the market right now and 10 unusual golf drivers that will help you hit the fairway each time. Is there anything particular you’d look out for? I was advised to actually try a couple of swings before I buy them so you can get a feel of them but obviously with eBay this is something else you can’t do and I’m worried once I get them, that I won’t like the feel Craiglist works too. So, club makeups like the length and lie of the club will be fitted personally to you. But what I have found is that if you look for clubs which are only up to four years old, then you get grab yourself a bargain that doesn’t comprise on quality and here is why… We need to break this down into four categories to really understand the difference between the clubs. When I caught the ball with the toe or the heel of my iron, I was punished severely and found that the pull shots where more emphasized then my more expensive clubs. If you don’t like the club after a couple of swings, put it to the side. Forgot your password?. Cheap golf clubs vs expensive.

cheap golf clubs vs expensive

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