Cheap golf cart rental 30a

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Cheap golf cart rental 30a. The owners have seen golf carts broken down along highway 30A, and carts that go so slow, they really shouldnt be on the road. Carry little Johnny and Sally covered in sand back from the 30A beach can be tiring. Drivers must have a valid drivers license. This means that the golf carts go faster, have more power, are more comfortable, and go longer distances than the average rental golf carts in the area. Carrying little Johnny and Sally covered in sand back from the 30A beach can be tiring. The reason clients enjoy new golf cart rentals is that the batteries are in better condition, and the golf cart can drive faster, and further. You have no items in your shopping cart. The owners have seen too many local rental golf carts broken down on 30A, blocking roads or traffic, and seen frustrated individuals who had received rental golf carts in poor condition from some other local companies. We are often times on the road delivering rental items, or setting up beach bonfires. The Rental Shop 30A only offers weekly golf cart pricing in summer months. Although it was tempting to spend considerably less on used, basic golf cart models, the owners chose to get every upgrade available so their clients wont have golf carts that bog down, ride slow, or lose battery power once all riders are on the cart. All golf carts are street legal in the state of Florida and are considered a street legal vehicle. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. When you use Live Well for your 30A Golf Cart Rentals, we take care of everything. Please call or text to check availability. All golf carts are brand new and have many ugrades that make them all a premium model. Weekly pricing is higher in July. Your Golf Carts will be waiting for you when you arrive on 30A, and we are available 24/7 to fix any issues anywhere on 30A. The Rental Shop buys NEW golf carts so that clients have a great time on the golf cart during their rental period. We call clients back in the order that the calls were received, when clients wish to reserve an item or service. Cheap golf cart rental 30a.

Cheap golf cart rental 30a. The owners always want a good name, and happy/repeat clients. Please feel free to text us! 850-259-7909. Rent a golf cart from Live Well 30A during your stay and it will make getting from the house to your 30A beach just a little less stressful i. All carts ride great and at the appropriate speeds for clients satisfaction. The owners also want to ensure that their golf carts can still go the state required legal speed limit with the proper amount of riders on the carts example 6 people on a 6 seater golf cart. With the owners seeing this, they decided that they would never be a company that rents golf carts in poor condition just to make a quick buck. ****We try to process and deliver orders as quickly as possible. NOT WITH THE RENTAL SHOP. The owners have spent considerably more money on their golf carts for these upgraded features that make them truly a premium model. Bookings taken after August will vary on pricing and minimum days required. This also means that the golf cart doesnt drive slow and die when clients are on the road. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We do our very best to respond as quickly as possible, and try to answer questions when we have a free moment. Cheap golf cart rental 30a.

cheap golf cart rental 30a

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